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Arizona’s medical professionals don’t always agree on the concept of abortion, but we all agree on the profound responsibility we have to put the health and safety of our patients first. 

We are perplexed and deeply concerned about a political initiative that creates a real danger to pregnant women seeking abortions.

We may be Pro-Life, we may be Pro-Choice, and we may take a position without one of those labels.  We are unapologetically divided on the concept of abortion, but we are united in this: “The health and safety of all patients must be our top priority.”  

Therefore, the undersigned stand opposed to the Arizona Abortion Access Act and further declare that:

  • Making something legal does not make it safe.

  • The proposed constitutional amendment seeks to expand abortion without boundaries,  without safety regulations, and without notifying women of the risks.

  • Legal abortion clinics can be just as dangerous as back-alley abortionists when commonsense safety standards for facilities performing abortions are removed.

  • It also removes the requirement that a medical doctor be involved and – most importantly - allows anyone with a license issued by almost any healthcare agency to legally provide abortions, prescribe the abortion pill, or sign off on late-term abortions.  [See LIST HERE]

Pregnancy Checkup

  • This is frightening as abortion procedures come with the risk of serious complications including hemorrhage, perforated uterus or bowel, sepsis, infertility, greater risk of premature delivery in later pregnancies, and prolonged grief.

  • Furthermore, taking the abortion pill without proper medical oversight can be dangerous for the woman, even deadly if she has an undetected ectopic pregnancy.

  • Boyfriends, parents, or even sex traffickers would be protected from punishment for coercing a woman into abortion.

  • Finally, being a constitutional change, the discretion for the Legislature to enact measures ensuring the safety of medical procedures in the future is unwisely abridged, neutering the voice of the public. 

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